Audio Recorder for Free

This software captures audio tracks from other sources

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  • Category Audio Recorders
  • Program license Free
  • Version 12.9.8
  • Size 7.7 MB
  • Works under: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Audio-tool

Audio Recorder for Free is a handy tool that lets you create MP3 files from music and other audio clips that you play on your computer or with your computer.

As technology changes, music formats become obsolete. Very few people even purchase compact discs today because they can go online and download all their favorite songs. If you love older music and more obscure tunes, though, you may find that it's difficult or even impossible to track down those songs. With this tool, you can save copies of songs and other audio clips in seconds. It's a great option for those who want to back up or create new audio files for music they listen to on CD, tape, eight-track tape or even vinyl.

Another great feature of Audio Recorder for Free is that you can use it to capture songs and audio files that you hear online too. The next time that you watch a video on YouTube and wish you had a copy of that song, you can save a copy with this tool. It's also great for saving audio clips from your favorite television shows and films too. Though you can record clips online with just a touch of a few buttons, to use the tool with other media, you'll need equipment to connect your music players to your computer.

When you open Audio Recorder for Free, you can create music files in seconds. Play the song or video that you want to capture, hit the bright red record button on your screen and press the stop button when the clip ends. The tool will then ask you to name the file and to choose the location where it saves that file. In addition to saving files in an MP3 format, you can also save files in WAV and WMA formats.

After saving those files, you can then import each one to your music player, tablet or even cell phone. This tool also lets you adjust the frequency of each file you save to ensure that it is as crystal clear as you would like. While it can take some trial and error before you get the perfect music that you want, Audio Recorder for Free is one of the best free tools for creating digital files from standard music formats and for saving audio clips that you find online.


  • Creates digital music files for songs found on compact discs, cassette tapes and other formats
  • Works with YouTube and other popular online sites
  • Lets you save digital clips from music and videos played online
  • Can save files in MP3, WMV or WAV formats
  • Allows users to adjust the frequency of clips


  • Takes some trial and error to understand how the software works
  • Requires optional equipment and accessories for using with standard music formats
  • Limited options regarding changing music files
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